TECH-SLICE: Optimization of production and energy processes in the slicing room through sensorization and digitization

The control of temperature equipment is essential to ensure the food safety of products. Temperature is one of the critical points in the entire food production chain, and more specifically in meat products, due to its high water and nutrient content. Well, if the optimal cooling conditions of these are altered, they can modify both their organoleptic qualities and reduce the useful life of the products due to the growth of unwanted microorganisms.

In this way, one of the ways to prevent food risks and avoid food waste due to poor refrigeration and freezing, is through the use of sensors, records and data that are collected daily and an analysis of these in the manufacturing plants. . In the TECH-SLICE project and in order to make Vila Rovira’s production processes more efficient from an energy point of view, based on the data captured by ITISA sensors, it is especially important to carry out an analysis of them in order to apply measures to save energy in the different rooms and thus achieve maximum sustainability and a positive impact on the environment. For this reason, the participation of ARC BCN is important, since thanks to the experience acquired in different industrial fields, it will give added value to the project in terms of giving a vision of both the global energy production process of Vila Rovira and in more specific aspects. to improve energy efficiency.


The main objectives of the project are:

  • Study the best sensor solution for the different work areas, white salts and refrigeration chambers, as well as the hot water production equipment in Vila Rovira.
  • Creation of software to be able to control the different temperatures and pressures in real time, adjust the optimal hours of operation both to optimize energy consumption and to control the optimal temperatures for slicing of the company Vila Rovira SL.
  • Record all the information from the temperature and pressure sensors in the cloud and integrate said information with the production process of Vila Rovira in order to have complete traceability of the temperatures to which the final product has been subjected and to be able to guarantee a correct food safety.
  • Internally monitor the temperatures and pressures of the work rooms and refrigeration chambers and be able to regulate it according to energy rates.
  • Alerts before Incidents in real time, have immediate alerts before any deviation of the established temperatures.
  • Study the critical energy points of the Vila Rovira processes and achieve an improvement in the energy efficiency of the facilities from the data collected digitally through the sensors and integrate them.
  • Incorporate aspects related to the energy management of facilities and processes to the alert system indicated above to facilitate decision-making.

This is an intercluster project, where the Clúster de l’Energia Eficient de Catalunya (CEEC) and INNOVACC work together to disseminate the project and achieve an impact among its members and the sector in general.


  • Vila Rovira SL
  • Plana Hurtós Enginyers SLP
  • Esynapsing Intelligent Business SL
  • Armengol & Ros Consultors i Associats SLP
  • Clúster de l’Energia Eficient de Catalunya (CEEC)
Total planned budgetIntended fit
150.045,32 €118.335,26 €

With the support of: