PORCDATA. Digital platform for the improvement of swine health

The objectives of this project are:

Design of a collaborative platform that allows linking all the information on the Catalan pig sector in Girona, captured through the data managed by the Girona Pig Sanitation Group. The main idea is to be able to collect data in the cloud, and analyze it so that it can be materialized through projects, studies, seminars and conferences.

The platform aims to synthesize and facilitate a process that is currently burdensome and difficult to control objectively due to the large number of factors that affect the production of a pig.

We must be able to create a large database with all these indicators, which are normally difficult to keep organized, link them with all the participants in the sector, and then obtain an understandable result that allows us to make decisions.

Through the project, an opportunity is created to make innovative proposals through the collection of data between companies in the pork sector, in an organized and systematic way. The platform aims to obtain a validated methodology that relates the biosecurity of farms, the animal welfare of pigs, the air quality of the facilities and the cleaning and disinfection of animal transport, the quality of water, with the health of the animals.

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