Application of records of controls and incidents in the agri-food industry

A specialized system for the complete control of all the pre-operative, operational, cleaning and disinfection procedures to be carried out in the agri-food company, with history and real-time monitoring of the data collected.

It is an application adapted to the needs of each company’s process and will allow exhaustive and digitized control to be achieved. The food audit processes carried out by companies in the sector will be exponentially facilitated.


Many procedures are performed on paper, where it is difficult to keep track of all of them and be able to carry out a consistent subsequent analysis, as well as data loss due to registration errors or loss of documentation.


Adapted to the PNCH regulations (Standard Hygiene Control Program) for compliance

Completely parameterizable for the user

Control and verification for each center and work area

Ratio of incidents for each of the controls

Validation circuits for records and incidents

Identification of who and when each action is executed according to the profile: operator, quality, administrator and auditor

Real-time monitoring reports and trend analytics

Modules prepared for different desktop devices: Tablet and mobile

Fully digitized process

Instant documentation generation

Upload of images and videos to complement the controls and incidents made


Assignment of workers to centers

Closing and registration of incidents by workers


Sending automatic emails

Assignment of workers to controls of specific centers